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Flying Since 1992

Bernie Rector has always had a love for aviation and has been involved in the world of flying since 1992.  He started his flying career in a single seat, B-10 Mitchell Wing Ultralight.  From then he has progressed through several types of two-seat ultralight aircraft, including Challengers with tricycle landing gear and tail dragger configurations that include Chinook, Kolb, Hi-Max, with the latest being Taylorcraft and Aventura Amphibious.    


Bernie earned his Ultralight Pilot License in 1992, and his Instructor Rating in the summer of 1998. He has since been instructing students at his premises in the Annapolis Valley.   The grass strip at East Coast Ultralight is 2000’ long and is set in a rural countryside.


Most of Bernie’s air time has been in a Challenger II.  He has over 1500 hours of flight time.  His current plane is on Amphib Floats and this has opened up a whole new world of flying.    


Bernie has done restoration work on a J-4 Pipercub, as well as several homebuilt and ultralight aircraft.  With Bernie’s vast experience involving flying and maintaining ultralights over the years, he is now involved in the building phase, specializing in tube and fabric type aircraft.  In the last few years, Bernie has built a Challenger II on Puddldjumper floats and is currently finishing up his second Challenger II which will also be on amphib floats. 


Bernie has over 1000 hours of flight time on Challengers and has done the total maintenance on them for many years.  He also has 100’s of hours on other types of ultralights.


He is expanding his flying school to include his talents as a builder of Ultralight aircraft.  His goal is to offer a total package or any one of the following: 

1)                  Ground School

2)                  Flight Training

3)                  Ultralight Aircraft Maintenance

4)                  A complete build of type and specification of the individual person.

5)                  Consultation:  for determining what plane is best for you and/or a pre-purchase inspection.


Bernie wants to be able to fulfil the need for people to have access to planes as well as the training they need to experience the total freedom of flight that is priceless.  

The History or Story Behind My Site

"Flying was always a dream of mine since I was a small boy living in Apple River, Nova Scotia.  I could envision myself flying and experiencing the freedom that comes with soaring so peacefully through the sky.  I live to fly and really enjoy teaching people who share my love for aviation." Bernie Rector


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