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Aug. 10, 2013




 Aug. 10, 2013

Wow! Here it is August already!  Seems we have been busy despite the weather!  Another plane has been completed and has taken a trek to Ontario.  Check out the pics on the picture page.  Training has been slow this summer due to the Monsoons.. seems we are having more rain than sun for sure!  Finished off five students in the late spring/early summer, and they are enjoying thier new plane, that Bernie built last winter.  The Annual Fly-in will be taking over our time soon.  It is scheduled as usual, for the end of Aug. (Aug. 24/25).  Camping on-site is possible, let us know if you plan to camp out in tent/trailer.  The Fly-in plan is for Pizza Friday night and a Fire Pit gathering with meet and greet and lots of plane tales, no doubt!  Saturday will be Discovery/Sight Seeing Flights and after lunch Brian Quickmire will do a presentation on the latest news in the Challenger domain.  Anyone with questions regarding training or building, Bernie will be available throughout the day.  Saturday night food will be at the nearby End of the Line Pub, where more plane talk and comaraderie will take place.  Afterwards a fire will be lit in the pit for those that want to hang out longer.  Sunday will be more flights and departures.  Hope to see you here in by air or land!  Looking forward to seeing old friends and new!!


Mar. 12,2013

Here it's happened again.. Time!!  Yup.. you know the story.. Now it's March!! :-)  So Flight Training has begun again, and Bernie had a kit arrive a few weeks ago, so he's busy flying and building.  Spring is around the corner! We'll be glad when it dries up some and we can put the sod back in places that it got plowed off!  The next Ground School is scheduled for April 6th.  There are still a few spots open.  If you are interested, contact Bernie and he'll order books for you.  The 2013 East Coast Ultralight Challenger Rendevous is scheduled for the last weekend in August.  (Aug 24/25 hope to see lots of Challengers and other planes/helicopters here.  

Dec. 24, 2012

 M E r R y   C H r I s T m A s!

We here at ECU, hope EVERYONE has a great, safe Christmas!! We wish you the best of New Years, and lots of great weather and flying!  Hope Santa Finds you tonight!! And may the Spirit of Christmas be with you always!  

Oct. 14, 2012

So, for those of you wondering if we survived our 3rd Annual East Coast Challenger Rendezvous.. Yes.. we did.  There just hasn't been much time to sit and update this page since!  Check out the following links to see pics that were taken of the planes and people here.   http://tinyurl.com/9tagmh2  these are the ones that Barry Buchanan shot at our place and the following are the ones I have put up on YouTube.  

It was nice to see new, as well as familiar faces.   Lots of knowledge was passed around between the pilots and prospective flyers.  The weather was really great again, and time went too fast!  That is all the time I have for now but do check out the pics and leave your comments.  If you couldn't make the fly-in this year, we hope you can make it for next year!  Safe flying Everyone!!


July 19, 2012

Well, the Trainer Plane engine has all be re-done, back to new status, and flying in her commences!  The weather is looking great andrunway  grass needs mowing again!   There are 6 planes based here for now, and things are looking good.  Our 3rd Annual Challenger Rendevous Fly-in is scheduled for Aug. 24-26 and all types of aircraft are welcome! The more the merrier.  For those who want to come in on Friday night, we usually go to the nearby pub for a snack and plane talk, sitting out on the patio and listening to music.  There are local B & B's around, and tenting/camping here is also an option.  If you need more details, or help with this, email us.  Saturday there will be a few seminars thruout the day and more hangar talk.  BBQ will be held here by friends of ours that will have decent prices for the items.  Saturday for supper we will go to the Pub for a meal, transportation usually works out well, so if your wheels are attached to wings, not to worry!  Usually there is a fire in the fire pit later in the evening where we sit around, relax and share the years stories.  Sunday is a day to just mingle, talk planes and savor the last of the weekends activities.  We will update this schedule more, when Bernie is actually in the house .. and filling me in on more details.  It is a fun weekend so we hope it will be well attended!  Let us know if you plan to come.  [email protected]

June 30, 2012

Phew, time is flying! Looks like there will be lots of flying happening at ECU this summer.  Bernie has just completed the build for Doug Kaiser.  It was a bit late being started this winter due to another project turning into a bigger job than expected.  Doug's plane was the first of the newest model for the Challenger, the XL-65.  This new model is a step above the last model as it has many changes, some of which the untrained eye may not pick up.  The most outstanding features would be the addition of the wing tanks which allows more fuel capacity for extended range and frees up baggage space behind the back seat.  Other features include the addition of a larger tail and a completely new design of the landing gear system.  With all of these and the fairings on the wing struts this is by far the sleekest model Challenger has put out yet.   Bernie is eagerly awaiting the test flight which will happen as soon as the registration procedure is complete.  This should be soon!  Pics of the build and final product are on the Build page of our site.  Check them out and let us know what you think at [email protected]  Thanks!! 

April 18, 2012

Check our our previous Fly-In video taken by Mark Capon at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5hzKNo8NAk and  check out his other cool videos on You Tube, search BRN2FLYUL.  Mark did his conversion time here with Bernie and it's obvious he's been having a blast with his Challenger!  

Mar.4, 2012

Again, time has FLOWN by!!  It has been a busy time here, with Bernie working on recovering the fuselage on a Challenger, painiting it and doing a few mods. That was finished the end of January except for final assembly and some tweaking.  It is now tucked away in a container waiting for warmer weather.  Sounds like us too, stuck inside too much and waiting!! LOL!   He's currently working on a new build.. an XL 65.  This is the latest version of the Challenger line.  It has a lot of little changes that are not readily visible and some changes that are!  The wing tanks and a larger tail section are the two most dominant changes.  Now there is actually some room for baggage behind the rear seat and farther range due to the larger fuel capacity.  Both wings and tail section have been completed and are now ready for fabric.  The fuselage is well underway, with work now going into the electrical section.  He's hoping that will be ready for fabric within the next few weeks.  If anyone is interested in seeing the brand new XL 65 build in progress, feel free to contact Bernie and he'd be more than happy to show and explain the new improved Challenger II.  Bernie is very excited about all the new changes the factory has made and is looking forward to the test flight on this new design.  

The highlight of the Winter season would be Bernie's adventure to Quebec.  He's always wanted to go to the Montebello Challenger Rendevous in Montebello, Quebec.  He wasn't really planning on going but a call from Bill Wamboldt changed all that.  At 6:30 a.m. on Thursday, Feb. 2, he left ECU, and met Bill in Dartmouth to begin thier journey to Montebello.  The first days drive got them to Edmunston, N.B. for an overnight stop.  They blasted off from there bright and early Friday morning, westbound for Montebello.  They arrived at their destination at 12:30 p.m. travelling through one time change.  It was snapping cold but clear and no wind.   Friday afternoon was spent settling in with a quick walk around the ice and the early arrival planes that were tied down.  Then they went back to the Lodge to warm up and sit by the humongous fire place.  The log structure of this place is mind blowing!  Bernie, being a carpenter took in all the design features and marvelled at the craftsmanship. It was build in the 1930's and is the largest log structure in North America and maybe the World! One of the most interesting facts was that it was built in six months.  The crew entailed 25,000 workers and all the timber was shipped here via train from B.C.  Anyone that hasn't been there should definitely make it a future destination!  Saturday came with perfect flying weather.  How often would this happen?? No wind!  There were a total of around 90 planes throughout the weekend, many of which were Challengers.  The day went by really fast trying to take in everything from the plane to seminars and people.  That evening saw a huge banquet happening, with full capacity.  The food was outstanding with a large variety to pick and choose from.  Following this there were awards presented.  Unknowing to Bernie, he and Shelley received "The Maurice Vinet Memorial Award" plaque which honors a Challenger Pilot that exemplifies the passion for flight.  He didn't expect that!   Sunday morning Bill and Bernie stuck around for a sight seeing flight and then headed out after lunch to make thier way back to Nova Scotia.  You can see pics of the trip on Youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv4HcThuBJ8   

Ground School is planned for the weekend of March 24/25, 2012.  Those who have been studying and wish to attend, please contact ECU as there are still a few opening in this course.  Contact us soon, and we will send you further details.  There will be another ground school held in April, but the spaces are pretty full that one.  Once the flying season hits, it will be flying.. and mowing grass and the next ground school won't be held until Fall.

Well, Bernie has left for Fire Hall Duty.. so I'm signing off! Thanks to Mark Capon for msging me while Bernie was actually sitting here so I could drag the info out of him.  Wink  Over and Out!

 "Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society.  The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute."  George Bernard Shaw





Dec. 31 Another year has come and gone, nearly.  We'd just like to thank everyone who graced our flying field here at ECU, and hope that you all had a great Christmas with family and friends, and that the New Year will bring you everything you could hope for!  Bernie has been trying to stay busy with building planes, but seems that Shelley has other ideas for him! He did some work in her barns, replacing some windows in the main barn and put lights in the Middle Barn (that has never had power to it), it's now a Mini Indoor arena.  Perhaps he'll be able to fly his Remote Helicopter in there too.. good way to desensitize the horses!! LOL!  The field here has been pretty soggy, althought Bernie did manage to get out on the wheels a few times when it was a bit frozen.  Not sure if skis will go on this year or not, with the weather being the way it is!  Training will resume again when the strip firms up.  It was great to have a White Christmas! Snow just arrived on time, but left a bit too early... assuming it will be back!  Ok.. Have a safe New Year's Eve, and Cheers to another year of friends and flying!

Nov. 29   Wow!! Been very slack on updating this web page!! Maybe due to being crazy busy... I'm thinking that has to be it!  The Fly-In was a success with 10-12 coming in Friday night by car or plane.  We all went down to the End of the Line Pub and sat out on the deck listening to great music, eating good food and catching up on all the airplane escapades in the last year.  Saturday the weather was great and planes flew in for part or all of the day.  There were about 12 planes, if I recall correctly.  Brian Quickmire did a presentation on the new Light Sport Challenger which drew a lot of interest.  Rob Lake did a video presentation on building an XL-50.  It was nice to see the differences between the new, versus the older version of the Challenger II.  New building tips were also gathered from this presentation.  Pierre Brisson, a Challenger Dealer from Ottawa, Ontario, and his wife, were here to share in the commaradrie and risk getting stuck in the field with their camper due to the impending Hurricane Irene that was forecast to hit on Sunday.  She kinda cut the party short as most planes left on Saturday.  Some of the drive-in crew were here for the duration and had a fun night at the End of the Line Pub on Saturday night in the Banquet Room.   Pierre and James Barkley stuck around the next morning and helped batton down the hatches and tie down the planes.  Their help was appreciated. 

Since then, hmmm.. lots has been going on.  With flight training and recovering a plane from Ontario, and switching the engine on the trainer plane and doing some renovations it's been a hectic fall.  The weather has been decent except for the major amounts of rain we've been getting.  Scott Gordon managed to get his first solo flight and a half hour of solo time in the day before we had 35+ cm of snow! He was pretty happy about that and is planning on finishing up before xmas when he heads west to Ontario.   

Another kit is on its way, an XL-65.  It will be built by Bernie over the winter and the owners flight training has begun.  Bernie is looking forward to flying the new XL-65 and completing the flight training for the new owners on this plane. 

Bernie packed in the float flying for the year with a day trip that took in the South Shore of the Province.  He did lots of lake hoping and stopped to have lunch with Kimber Bennet and tried out his plane, an S-6 Rans.  One of the other pit stops was at Ponhook Lake close to Liverpool for a visit with Bill Wamboldt, who is in the process of building an XL-65 Challenger.  The plane looks great so far and it is due for completion in time for next years flying season.  It was a great day and the float plane is now in for the winter.  The trainer plane has a newly installed heater and will have skis on when the weather indicates that, for now wheels are still a go. Float flying has ended but sheel/ski flying has not! 

Check out the link of Bernie and Shelley doing some shoreline flying over the North Mountain by the Bay of Fundy!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d5QBN0JFyc It was an awesome flight and an awesome night.  Perfect conditions to fly and video.  The cool thing was that as we were taking videos a friend of Shelley's was taking pics of us flying over the water!  Found out later that night when Jim Spurrell posted the pics on Facebook. Check out the pics that he took on the pics page!  There will be fly-in pics too.. soon!?  Signing off for now! Have a great winter!

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? - it is the same the angels breathe."  ~Mark Twain



August 10  Preparation is under way for the 2nd Annual Challenger Rendevous at ECU.  We are desperately hoping that the weather will co-operate like it did last year. We will be having presentations on the new Light Sport Challenger as well as a video/slide show presentation on the assembly of the new Light Sport XL 50.  There will be a BBQ on site with volunteers from ECU manning that, and a Hangar Supper Saturday night for $12-$15 which will include the meal, beverage and dessert.   If you are driving in, please bring a lawn chair with you.  We have some but not enough for all drivers and flyers.  

Flight training is still happening between the torrential rain, thunderstorms and generally terrible conditions.  The runway is surprisingly good.  Perhaps being on a 10 degree angle helps?  Bernie has been working on a few Challengers: engines, covering, painting and all of the other stuff that goes along with repairs and maintenance.

Keith Landra has finished his transition training and is waiting to fly his Challenger from the Stanley Airport when he the annual finished.  His wife, Margaret has decided that she wants in on the fun and has begun her flight training at ECU.  When asked if she always liked flying, she replied that she didn't want Keith to fly!  But now she's caught the air fever and eagerly looks forward to her next flight.

Well, seems summer? is sliding by.. Here's to hoping for some summer-like weather before fall settles in!! Cheers!

July 18 ECU Fly-in will be Aug. 27/28.  More details will be posted soon.  Bernie has been flying am to pm when the weather is fit and working on planes when the weather isn't fit.  Lots of students eager to fly.  More will be posted soon.  Hope your summer is going well and flying is top priority! 

May 28  Waterville will be hosting a Fly-in/Fly-By on Saturday to add some high flying to the Apple Blossim festivities.  The weather again, doesn't sound great, but maybe there will be a change by the time the weekend rolls around.  Bernie is planning to fly up if the weather allows it. 

May 24, 11  We had a successful Ground School in April.  Lots of learning took place and tests were passed.  Now we are just being delayed in Flight Training by the weather.  The runway is mowed and drying out slowly.  It has to be rolled again as the tractor left some minor ruts when we were mowing due to the enormous amount of rain and wet weather .  James plane has had all repairs done, the engine run-up and now awaiting a test flight to test the pitch on the refurbished prop.  It looks nice sitting out on the field, waiting to jump into the air.  Bernie has a Kolb here now and is working on installation of the engine, wiring and instruments.  It's been gone over and is now ready for a weight and balance check and an engine break-in.  Then, weather permitting, Clyde will be learning to fly his Kolb soon!  Another Challenger is here getting some repairs and it will be ready to fly as soon as it gets all put back together.  The way the weather has been, should have time to get all things done and likely still be waiting on the weather.  The Farmer's Almanac has been saying rain, pretty steady til the end of June.  Sure wish they could be wrong. The end result of all this beautiful weather, is that Bernie has only been able to get two hours of flight time on his newly installed 582 engine!  Can you tell, he's not impressed with that!! 

May 21/22, 11 The Annual Stanley-Fly-in Breakfast was a washout for planes flying in, but they had lots of eager enthusiastic people drive in and swap stories over a great breakfast of pancakes, sausages, bacon and eggs.  A good time was had by all, even though the weather put a damper on things. 

May 7, 11  Bernie attended an annual Flight Instructor Workshop in Amherst.  He got to meet up with the other Flight Instructors in the Maritimes, and go over safety proceedures and learning strategies that they use.  It was good to share ideas and information at this session.  Bernie had been hoping to fly over as it would be a lot faster, but the weather gods were not on his side again. 

Mar. 21/11   ECU Ground School is planned for the weekend of April 15-17.  If you are interested in this session contact us (If you haven't already).  There will be another ground school for May.  If you are interested, email us to get your name on the contact list or for more details.  The total flight course starts at $1600 which includes books, ground school and the minimun requirement (10 hrs) of flight time.  Most of your Ground School studies can be done at home by ordering the books ahead of time, and then when there is a minimum of four students, a new ground school will be scheduled.  Flight time can start before the ground school but it has to be completed/passed before you can go solo.  Duration of the course depends on three things, the weather, your time schedule and your learning curve.   More consistent flying is best when it comes to learning to fly.  Demo flights are available, just call and set up an appointment.  Looking forward to a great season of flying! 

Mar. 17/11  Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!  Hard to get Bernie to sit long enuf at the same time as I have this page open.  Now it is 11:29 p.m. Nearly St. Paddy's Day.. Not much new going on. James' plane is finished and Bernie is working at switching the engine on his plane over from a 503 to a 582.  He's kinda been put on hold waiting for parts and that makes for a grumpy boy.  He was planning on having it all done are ready to fly by the end of this week, and had to re-order from another company to get the stuff actually shipped out.  He's been flying a bit in the trainer plane when the weather co-operates.  There will be a new Ground School starting up sometime in April.  If you are interested in this let us know.  [email protected] That's it for now.  Too late to think! More soon.. Have a great Spring Month!

Jan.11/11  Well, how did it get to be Jan so fast?  and 2011?  A late Happy New Year to you all!  I have put pics up of some of the students and of the trip Bernie and Trevor when they took Dan's plane over to New Brunswick.  Check them out.  Bernie and Dick are working away on James plane and parts are arriving every day it seems.  One Challenger kit has been sold and there's more interest out there.  The Challenger Community is surely growing.  Ultralights are the way to go!  We were glad there were no planes on the field when the wind storms hit as they would have turned in to weather vanes and we would have been looking for pieces.  Really glad that we weren't out there hanging on to the wings!  Bernie has been over to Harvey Richards' checking out the progress on his Zenair 701.  Bernie thinks he's doing a really good job.  The kit is supposed to take 500 hours and Harvey is up to 500+ and is scratching his head as to why it's not ready to fly yet. Foot in mouth The fuselage is looking good! Bernie came home from there all revved to get working on the Christavia that is hanging in the rafters of the Hangar!  Training has come to a standstill.  Usually that starts up again in February as the weather starts to cooperate more and you can get some really nice ~cool~ flying time with lots of lift!  I hadn't looked at the Guest Book for awhile.. and YES, Randy Cox!! You still hold the record for the shortest flight!! LOL!

Dec. 2010  About all the news this month is that Bernie put the skiis on the Trainer Plane.  They pretty much fit right on, usually the cables have to be moved but it must be pretty similar to C-IIJW.  Bernie went out for a flight.  It was just a local pleasure flight but he did "drop" in and visit a few of the neighbors.  A few pics were taken, I guess it's not every day that a plane lands in your back field!  Bernie had a great time and it was nice to get out on one of those perfect days that the winds weren't blowing a gale!  Merry Christmas everyone!!  See you in 2011! 

Nov. 26/10  The flight to New Brunswick was uneventful,  Trevor ended up flying Dan's plane and Bernie took his plane, C-IIJW.  They left here at 10 a.m. and arrived at St. Stephen, Trevor landing the plane at Dan't strip and Bernie landing at the St. Stephen Airport.  Dan and Trevor met up with Bernie, they had lunch, fueled up and Bernie and Trevor flew home.  14 hours of driving was accomplished in four hours of flying and they were back in the Valley by 3.  It was a fun day, and Dan was happy to get his plane home for the winter.  He's been working on his hangar and has the roof on.  The plane is undercover for the winter.  There will be pics of Dan's plane on the pics page.  Stay warm and dry! If you get some flying time in .. Great! 

On Nov. 12, Bernie flew Chris Ergglett's plane to Yarmouth where it is going to be hangared for the winter.  Dick and Dorothy, friends from Lawrencetown, drove down to fetch Bernie home. 

Brenden came and got his plane the next weekend and flew it down to his strip in behind Cornwallis.  He had a good flight home and now he's not having to worry about the wind and snow affecting his plane.  This was the last plane to leave the ECU field.  It looks strange not to have planes out on the field.  Winter must be coming, but the good thing is that Spring is less than four months away!

Nov. 1/10  Bernie finished Dan's plane in Oct.  Dan has been doing some flight training but the weather has settled in and the rain and wind has become the norm.  Sure is different than the summer was!  He and Trevor S. are planning to fly Dan's plane over to New Brunswick on Nov. 3.  Bernie will fly Dan's plane and Trevor will fly over in his plane and pick Bernie up to bring him home.  Beats waiting overnight to catch the Ferry back.  Bernie has been busy working on some upgrades and routine maintenance on Trevor's  plane.  It has a new prop on as of today and all is going well.  James's plane is in the garage and work has begun on it.  Another plane has come in from Cape Breton for completion of the wiring and the installation of a 582 Rotax engine pkg.  Students, who aren't quite finished, are trying to book flying time, but Mother Nature isn't co-operating.  At least we don't have to be mowing the runway every three days now.  Larry W. has just acquired a hangar at Stanley and will be keeping his Challenger II there, which convenient for him.   Graham and Alex are the newest solo pilots in thier cub.  They are well on thier way to becoming proficient Ultralight Pilots.  The Cub is now back at Finlay Air Park close to Yarmouth.  Okay.. that's it for now.  Bernie will get pics of Dan's plane soon.. or at least that's what he says.. time will tell.  Hope everyone had a great, safe Halloween!  Fly safe!

Sept. 16/10 Just added some more pics to the pics page.  Also, there will be a new Ground School starting up within the next month.  If you are interested give us a call to find out more specifics.  Was pretty windy here the last few days.  Taylor was up to do some xwind landings.  They only flew for about a half hour and tonight lessons were cancelled due to the wind.  I imagine the weekend will be busy as the weather is giving a good forecast.  Ciderfest is on at Bridgetown this weekend. We'll likely go and support some of the events! Take care all!

Sept. 14/10  ECU has hosted the first  East Coast Challenger Rendevous!  It was a success and the weather couldn't have been any better!  Some people flew/drove/motorcycled in on Friday nite. Tents were set up for some and others were stationed at a nearby Inn.  The evening was well under way when the Fire Pit talk began.  Bryan and Alison Quickmire were here from Ontario.  Bryan heads up National Challenger.  It was really nice to meet them in person, finally.  Some of Bernie's previous students were here and Frank and Johanne Savignac who have a Powered Parachute school in New Brunswick were here too.  Frank did a demo each day of the powered parachute, and the crowd really enjoyed this.  Mike and Tracy Hughes drove thier Harley all the way from Alberta. They host the Westabello Event and were a great addition to our fly-in.  On Saturday, a beautiful morning dawned.  Those who stayed overnight enjoyed a breakfast of farm fresh eggs and bacon and steaming coffee.  Soon the drone of planes could be heard. Challengers, Beavers, Rans, Chinooks and Homebuilts arrived to spend the day, and some stayed overnight and new voices were heard around the fire pit.  Bernie did a seminar on Fabric Repair which was well attended and lots of good ideas were brought forward.  Bryan also did a presentaion on the new Light Sport Model of the Challenger II.  This aircraft is a new and improved version of the Challenger II.  There are too many improvements to list!  Brochures were passed out and there seemed seemed to be lots of interest in the Light Sport Model.  Bryan announced to everyone that Bernie was the newest distributor for National Challenger for this region.  Presentations were made for our event after this and Mike and Tracy won the "Farthest Travelled Award" and Mark Capon, from Springhill, won the "Farthest Flown Award".  Ballots had been given out before the "Hangar Talk" for people to vote on the best "Show Plane", and Bernie's Challenger II on floats was voted to be the winner.  Alison presented this award to a very surprised Bernie.  There was a BBQ at noon, sponsored by the Annapolis Valley Harness Club and the local 4-H made a delicious supper of marinated steak, salads and desert.  50/50 tickets were sold throughout the day, and the draw was made at the Fire Pit later on Saturday night.  Mike Hughes won $55, which everyone agreed would help buy him gas on his way home.  Sunday morning was another spectacular day and another breakfast was had by people that stayed over.  Bernie did some demo flights and more people drove in throughout the day.  Bernie watched, with barely contained trepidation as Bryan took Alison up in his Challenger.  We figured with the GPS and Bryan's experience things should go ok.   Mike and Tracy told Bernie a few stories about Bryan's flying escapes.  Bernie seemed relieved when he heard the drone of C-IIJW!  It was noted that this is a beautiful area to fly in as the Ocean is close and the farm fields are abundant.  It seems like everyone that was here had a pretty decent time.  Our thanks go out to all those who helped with the last preparations for this event!  Lots of grass had to be mowed as well as many other last minute things attended to.  Thank-you ALL!  ECU would like to thank all the participants, whether you walked, drove or flew in, you made our weekend a success!  Check out the pics on the pic page.  If anyone has pics you'd like to air on our website, send them along, they are more than welcome.  The weather has seemed to close in since the fly-in, but there has been intermittent flying happening.  Fly safe and have a great fall! 

Aug.24/10 Well, the Exhibition is over and the Fly-in is next on our schedule.  We've been busy mowing the runway and lawns and getting things ready.  As well, Bernie is trying to keep up with the flight schedule as well as painting Dan's plane.  The wings are nearly done!  Looking good!  The Fly-in is this weekend, hard to believe its so soon!  Bryan Quickmire is arriving on Thursday night and some of the locals are flying in on Friday night.  For more details on the schedule and events, check out this webpage, http://www.challenger.ca/eastebello_2010.html .  The Harness Club that Shelley belongs to will be doing a BBQ Lunch and the 4-H will be putting on the supper.  The proceeds will go to these non-profit organizations. 

Apologies to Weston.. I spelled your name wrong in the last entry.. fixed now!! I do these too late at night.. brain stops functioning at 10 p.m. I think?

We have one student who has just completed his solo flight, Taylor Ryerson.  There is also an article in the local Yarmouth paper, "Coastal Life" that was written about Taylor, Weston and Alex and thier love of the sport of aviation.  It's really cool to see our old Taylorcraft on the cover of that magazine, and the article is very well written.  If you have a chance check it out! 

Brendon did his checkout time for re-certification with Bernie and is now a high flying soloist again.  Great job! Ok, that's it for now.  It's late.  Have a good one..  

"Both optimists and pessimists contribute to the society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute."

— George Bernard Shaw

Aug 5/10 Bernie actually went a whole day without flying! Man, it sure did rain yesterday!  He likely could have taken off on floats without the wheels down the ground is so wet!  He's been doing river and runway landings with Chris in Chris's plane and progressing well.  Likely won't be flying today as the ceiling is about 100 ft.  We've had a few soloists this past week, Derrick, Cyril and Weston.  Check out the pics page... Weston decided it was better to jump in the pool than to get thrown in, and Bernie learned that he can't catch a youngster on the ground!  Trevor sent in the quote for this update.  "A good rule of thumb is to keep the number of your landings equal to the number of your takeoffs......"  although with this, I'm pretty sure that I've seen more landings than take-offs on many occasions.  Some of the newbies make three landings in one!  Brendon has his plane working properly and is ready to bring it to ECU soon, and Trevor did his first flights with his Chinook that he recently did an "overhaul" on. It sure looks like new!  He'll have to send us a pic so we can put it up!  Bernie has Dan's plane all covered, and is just putting the final tape on the fuselage.  He'll be starting the painting process as soon as tomorrow.  This plane will have a similar paint scheme as his plane, Canary yellow and white.  If any of you are planning on attending our Fly-in, please let us know.  We're trying to get some idea as to how many will be here so we can plan better.  K.. Thinking that's all for now!  Fly safely everyone!

July 25/10  Well, here it is almost the end of July.. and we haven't updated the page for a while. Sorry!  Bernie has been flying a lot of hours and when he's on the ground he's either doing pre or post flight chats or working on the build project.  The weather has been pretty decent for flying, although fog has kept them grounded some mornings.  Chris Law has been here doing his conversion time first on wheels then they changed over to floats.  The plane is working well.  We were away for a week in the New England States and had lots of mowing to do when we got back.  Grass doesn't seem to be taking a break this year.  This years students are all progressing very well and a few are doing approaches and attempting landings.. guess we'll call them "assisted landings".  This is the part that they all seem to think they will never get it, but one day it all falls together and they'll be landing consistently and go solo!  Seems to be a hopping place, usually there's a vehicle in the yard by 7 a.m. with some eager pilot chomping at the bit for the fog to lift or for Bernie to finish his morning coffee.  Talking about keen, Weston C. came up one night and flew his  flight and then slept in his van so he'd definitely be here in the morning for his next flight.  Tip of the month?  "The only time you can have too much gas, is when you're on fire".  That's a Bill Chamber's quote. He was an older Cessna 172 flying buddy of ours who died suddenly a few years back. Still remember the many funny things he said!  So keep your tanks full and your landings safe!

June 16/10   OK, We're back.  Yesterday saw the end of the build for Chris Law.  Bernie and Dick have been putting the big parts together since last week and tweaking the details.  Wings on, tail feathers assembled and on, windshield and the wing gap seal in place on the top.  Everything went together well, and the engine run-up went as planned.  It's hard to sit in the cockpit for an hour running the engine for the break-in hoping all is well. Kinda nerve wracking waiting to see if everything will hold together and run smoothly.  Seems like the longest hour.  Looked funny to see the plane tied to the Kubota. New pics are up in the pics page in the New Builds 2010 folder.  Check it out and leave your comments. 

Students have been trickling in to start thier flight time.  The trainer plane is starting to earn her keep.  The weather has been pretty good for flying and the grass isn't growing quite as fast as last year.  All in all, it's been crazy busy here, Bernie will be hard at it working on the second plane that should be done in a month to six weeks, depending on how much training takes place.

June 5th, Bernie finally did some personal flying and met up with Trevor Sabine and Calvin Kaiser, two previous students, at the Digby Airport for a fly-in breakfast put on by Peter Burnie.  The weather kinda closed in and didn't leave much of a window to get there.  Bernie managed to get out of here for a bit and stayed for a quick breakfast then headed her for home and just ran in to a bit of rain before landing at ECU.

Mark Capone's plane left here, newly covered and painted, a few weeks ago to fly Mark back to Amherst.  He did a bit of a refresher before heading out, and finally got to fly home instead of drive home.  He had an uneventful trip and tied his plane down at his home field.  Hopefully Mark is enjoying some pleasure flying time up around the Amherst area! 

That's it for now.. tis late again and morning comes early!  Have a great week everyone and the tip of day.. is.. don't fly into cumulus clouds, get a tad bumpy and rather dangerous! Nite all! 

May 24/10  Seems like I didn't get back on here like I thought.  If you knew how hard it was to get Bernie and me.. sitting in the same room to update this.. then you would know why it has taken so long.  Sorry about that!  It's dark and we are both in the house.  So I still haven't seen the Hockeyville pics... so they are likely deleted on his computer?  James finished off his solo time about three weeks ago and has been waiting for all the paper work to be completed at Transport Canada.  Finally it's all done and he called on Friday to see if he could work a plan to get his plane home.  Bernie and Trevor were planning on flying up to the breakfast at the Stanley Airport, but that fell through, so Bernie flew up to Amherst on Sat. a.m. to pick Jame up and they flew back to Stanley for breakfast and then back to ECU where Bernie got out and James continued on his way home with his Zenair for the very first home flight! James has left the nest!  He landed at the Amherst strip and will be there for a bit until he gets a bit more work on his runway done.  Seems strange to not see the Zenair on our field!

Friday saw another Challenger II from the Kentville area co-owned by three fellas who all hold Private Pilot Licenses.  They will be getting checked out in thier plane by Bernie over the next few weeks. Then they will be fine to fly. 

Dick Lahey has been continuing to help Bernie with the build projects.  They are progressing well.  The last fuselage is in the paint room getting all prettied up and ready for assembly soon. 

There has been tons more happening here.. but it's late.. more will have to wait!  Check out the new Student/Pilot Pics on our pic page. Have a good nite!

April 22/10  Ground school was a great success.. seven students and seven graduates!  I've been trying to get Bernie to sit still long enuf to ask him what he wants me to put on this update.. but right now I'm at Parent/Teacher (it's slow) and he's likely up in the air doing training with James Barcley, who arrived here today around 4:00.  It's a beautiful evening for flying!  Chris Law was here a few days ago to see how his plane build was coming along, and I think he liked what he saw.  The instrument panel is finally done and installed.  There will be pics of that up soon.  It's a custom job made of wood.  Looks nice, but you'll be able to see soon for yourself.  Bernie has been doing an overhaul on the Trainer Plane, getting it ready for students.  He flew it around for an hour or more yesterday and is happy with how it's working.  He's anxious to get the floats back on his plane as the weather is sure looking good for float flying!  The runway was mowed today for the first time this year.. now it will need mowing ever 3-4 days to keep things looking good.  I think Bernie got the pics from the Hockeyville guys a bit ago.. he hasn't had time to share them with me yet, but I will rope him soon and put the pics up.  Really!  If any of you are going by.. take Exit 19 and stop by for a visit!  Seems like there's always stuff happening!  I'll update again in the next few days with pics and more info!

April 18/10  Friday we had 7 new students arrive at the door with book in hand.  After long days and studying at night the boys were chomping at the bit to write thier exam today.  All 7 passed and had great marks.  Now onto more and "funner" stuff, like the flying.  Amidst all the studing and questions for the last few days there was sure a lot of learning and laughing going on!  These guys were great to work with and as they were leaving talk was moving on to the next phase.. the good weather and the flight training.  See you guys all back here soon!  It was a weekend that won't be forgotten too soon!  We'll have some new pics up soon as they guys get flying!

There is a new Facebook Group just put up today, if you are interested in joining just search for "East Coast Ultralight and other Flyers"  Want to help pilots hook up so we can find new places to land and drink coffee! 

Also.. thinking of adding a "For Sale" page if any of you have planes or plane related items for sale, send us an email and we'll pop her up on here for you. 

Have a great week everyone, let's hope for fair weather and light winds!  TTFN!

April 7/10  Ok, it's still been hectic! How did it get to be April already?  We just made it through Lawrencetown being in the top five for Kraft Hockeyville!  We had over 750,000 votes from a village of under 700 population.  The first place Dundas, Ontario only had 60,000 votes more.. still think we should have won.. per capita!!  So.. to show the Kraft PR guys a good time the people in charge.. wanted to show them around and they brought them here. Rob and Mathieu, to go for a Discovery Flight and Bernie took them up for their first flight in an Ultralight!  The runway was a bit soggy but they had good flights and gave Bernie a Kraft Hockeyville Jersey (that he will share wearing priviledges with his wife Wink). 

Back to airplane stuff.. Mark's plane is finished!  Seems strange to see the paint room empty!  Bernie, Dick and Frank, put the wings on it on Monday, and then the final knit-picky stuff was done yesterday and the check-out flight today was a success.  A few tweaks were made and all is A-OK.  It's out on the field waiting to fly!  One down and two to go.

Landing gear and wheel pants have been fitted on Dan's plane.  The tank is here and the paint will be ordered soon!  Plans are to have Chris's plane done for the end of the month and then Dan's plane will be finished next. 

Bernie is heading off to Amherst for the Annual Flight Instructor's Refresher Course this coming weekend.  He'll be going up on Friday and heading back late Saturday afternoon.  Then the first ground school for 2010 is scheduled to run the following weekend, April 16-18th.  Five students are signed up for that.. with another Ground School on the agenda for July.  I'm thinking it's going to be a busy summer!!

Tomorrow Bernie is heading off to New Germany to to a pre-purchase inspection on a Zenair 701 for a guy from Labrador. 

So other than all that and everything else happeneing around here it's not been too dull!  Hopefully pics of Mark's plane will be up here tomorrow.  Signing off... SR.. over and out!

Mar. 21/10   Bernie is still busy building, but that came to a grinding halt this weekend, for two days!  Training has begun again.  James Barkley arrived on Friday nite, from Baie Verte, to continue from where he'd left off last fall.  The field was a bit soft, but not too bad.  Bernie decided to head to Digby Airport to do some cross country and stick in some  take-offs, circuits and landings.  They flew 5.2 hours Saturday and 4. 5 hours today for a total of 9.7h in two days.  That has to be a record of student perserverance!  After a few hours of flying and a few moments of shear terror Surprised , James realized that landings weren't as easy as he thought.  Ground meets plane on landings is not as easy as plane meets air on the take offs. James really wants to get his license!  It won't be long.  Another weekend like this and James will fly the coop!  All in all, James left ECU with a grin on his face and his log book up to date...  He'll be dreaming of flying tonight for sure... Bernie says he'll be kicking those rudder pedals in his sleep! 

The trainer plane (C-IEC0) is being overhauled. Bernie must have lightened her up by at least 20 lbs. No, nothing major was removed.. just stuff... better known as "Sky Junk".  (It must be late... WinkLOL!) The landing gear has been redone, the throttle system reworked and I saw him out there looking like a CSI, flashlight in hand.  Seems things are looking good!

Mark Capone's wing has been in and out of the new paint shop and looks superb!  The fuselage is hanging out there now, and tonight was the first color coat over the numerous base and uv coats.  Colors will be on by mid-week then wait for weather for final assembly outside. 

The two new builds are coming along nicely.  The wings off one of them will be going into the paint shop as soon as it's freed up.  Clecos are sticking out of the planes in the garage like porcupine quills.  I (Shelley) found one in my barn boot the other morning.  Not pleasant to put foot in boot on top of cleco.  Thought it was a joke, but Bernie didn't do it.. they must be flying around out in the garage, Bernie and Dick are working so fast!   

Mar. 4/10  Well, it's been awhile! The winter seemed to be on it's way out, but not the last few days... isn't the sun supposed to shine in March?  Where is it?  Not much flying going on, some.. but not much.  However, lots of building is happening.  Have four wings stored and ready for paint, and the two fuselages are in the garage looking more like a tandem, four-seater dual engine plane of some kind!  Looks kinda neat to see them side by side.  Most of the metalwork has been completed on both including the doors and fitting of the Lexan. Next will be the installation of the nose cone and fuel tank.  Then we'll be moving on to the electrical side.  Bernie has to have these two done by May.  Another one will be arriving in May to be built a.s.a.p.                                          Ground school will be starting the end of this month with new students signing up.  If you are thinking about it, maybe now is the time!  Give us a call.                                                                                                      The best news, I think, is that Bernie has recently acquired a Challenger II (C-IECO) for a trainer plane and rental plane.  We're just checking into the cost for insurance for the rental plane part.  Either way C-IIJW will stay on floats for the summer.   

Feb. 6/10   Not much flying has been taking place in this deep freeze that has settled upon us.  Building of planes is taking off and so far four wings have been constructed with two of them complete with fabric and ready to paint. January weather was really great and so far February has made up for that!  Hoping that the temps come up a bit so that we can heat the shops a bit easier.  Winter has to be on the way out soon.. at least it's light til 6 now!  Six students lined up so far for spring... so bring it on!   

Jan. 25/10     Bernie fired up C-IIJW this afternoon to do a demo flight with Cyril Mosher and his son, Phil, from Kentville.  Both have held Privare Pilot licenses.  They were both quite impressed with the Challenger II as told by thier grins whn they landed.  The snow was perfect and the weather was nearly perfect too.  January has proven to be a great month with little wind and mainly fair weather.  There are some new pics up on the picture page of this demo flight as well as some of the new Challenger II projects Bernie has started.  Check it out.  Don't forget to leave comments in our comment section. 

01/16/10   Well, A late Happy New Year to you all!  Where does time go?  It's been a bit of a slow flying time lately.  Bernie has been working hard on finishing up a rebuild and starting a new kit.  He did have one adventure this week.  He flew down to Weymouth and met up with two previous students, Trevor Sabean and Calvin Kaiser, who just put their planes on skis for the winter, as has Bernie.   Now Bernie's Challenger II has had skis, floats and wheels on it.  It qualifies now for a true all year round plane.  They all flew out to where Trevor has a camp, landed on the lake (thankfully it was frozen!) and fried up a big fry of deer meat and onions.  That's a guy thing .. I guess.. LOL.  On the way home, Bernie circled around Lawrencetown, and landed behind a friends house.  He had a short visit before hitting the skis for the final leg home, of about 5 minutes.. before darkness fell.  All in all it was a great day!
There are only two planes left on the field so it looks pretty empty.  It's been a great winter so far.  Definitely can't complain about the weather!  Here it is the middle of January and it's been pretty mild.  Wondering what February has in store for us?  Only 28 days of that month, then it's the spring month.  So for a winter that the Almanac was predicitng a lot of snow.. not so bad to date!  Likely just jinxed that!  For any of you out there getting some flying time in, keep your skis straight beneath you and happy flying!

11/14/09  Time for an update!  Only two planes left on the field for now.  They should be gone soon as the weather is going to close in and it's best if they go under cover for the winter.  Check out the new pics.. "Students" on the pic page.  Now I have to find the rest of the students from previous years? 

A neighbors horse busted out of its stall on Thursday night, Nov. 12, or early Friday morning, and out the open barn door.  It hasn't been seen since.  Bernie was up in his Challenger (now on wheels) for 2.5 hours on Friday morning and again that evening and again today twice, looking for this mare.  No sign has been seen and no one has reported seeing her?  It's nice to fly on a mission, but sure would be nice to have success.  Bernie has found missing cattle a few times in the past, but no luck with this horse.

11/12/09  Trevor Myra, from New Germany, finally received all of his paperwork and is now a fully licensed Ultralight Pilot.  On Thursday, Nov.12 (Not Friday, Nov.13) he arrived at ECU at pretty much daybreak, eager to fly his Chinook home.  As the sun came up it was pretty evident that the wings needed to be de-iced as we'd had a pretty heavy frost.  After much pacing and three hours later the plane was totally de-iced and ready to go thanks to the solar power overhead at ECU!  Trevor was finally on his way.  Upon arriving at his airstrip in New Germany, he made one pass and came around and settled has plane down on the runway.  Not a single feather was ruffled :-) .   Next thing he knew his sister and some friends popped out of the bushes to congratulate him!! Needless to say Trevor was grinning from ear to ear.   

Edmund Harrison finished his course for Private Pilot Ultralight.  On Nov. 5th Bernie flew  Edmunds Challenger II, INWV, home to his new runway and nearly completed hangar just outside Sydney. It was one of those nice days inbetween rain.  The flight took a total of 3.5 hours which included one stop for re-fueling at Trenton Airport.  Edmund was very happy to get his plane home and is anxiously waiting for his paperwork to come through from TC.                

10/28/09  Bernie the Builder has been working on extending the hangar.  Seems like more space is needed.  Things have been pretty quiet here lately due to weather and field conditions.  Bernie did get out today flying in C-IIJW for the first time since Sept. 26th!  The field is still pretty soggy and the plane needed to be hosed off after landing as muddy water sprayed up on the belly of the fuselage.  It was only a local flight but Bernie was happy being up in the air again!  Maybe it will dry up soon, or freeze.  Second option is more likely!

10/17/09  After a few hours of trying to upload the Fly-in Pics, on a few different nites, I gave up.  They wouldn't go.  Then I had a brain wave... photobucket.  So I uploaded them there and I will put the website here.  That will work.  Here it is.. http://s933.photobucket.com/albums/ad176/Mollyorty/?newest=1 hope it works.. http://s933.photobucket.com/albums/ad176/Mollyorty/ and this one..There'll be pics up soon of the students and thier planes.. Really!  Today Larry Wamback and his brother were here to load up his plane and take it to Halifax.  From there they will fly to Florida, no not really. Carl Cleveland came one day last week and got his off the field for the winter and has taken it home to Annapolis.  The runway is so wet now that it is pretty much unuseable.  We need some dry weather or for the temperature to dip below the "0" mark.  Dry weather is the one we choose.   

10/04/09  Well!  Had 16 planes.. rather 15 planes and a helicopter, fly in on Sat. for our Fly-in.   Counting the planes that were already here.. there were a LOT!!   What a great day!  The weather couldn't have been any better!  We had planes from Stanley, Bridgewater, Parrsboro, Middleton, Weymouth, New Brunswick, Wolfville, Clementsport and beyond!  It was great to see everyone having such a good time and enjoy their stay here.  I've been trying to upload pics to our pic page all night.. no success.. I'll get them up soon.  Promise...  

10/01/09  Our newest Solo Guy is Trevor Myra.. Bernie climbed out of the Chinook and told Trevor to take 'er up.  He did and did a few successful landings with a big grin on his face!! Congrats to Trevor.. there'll be pics of the students on the pic page soon.  Trevor will be completing his training in the next week or so and be off soaring the skies!   

09/27/09  Our newest Solo guy.. is Larry Wamback!  He did his first solo flight tonight in his Challenger II that he completed earlier this summer.  He has been coming down from Halifax for the past few weeks after work any time it was fit, and sometimes when it wasn't!  He is very close to being signed off with his Ultralight Pilot Permit.  Congratulations Larry!!  Trevor Myra has been here quite often too, he's written, and passed his test here at E.C.U. and is getting some steady air time.  Edmund Harrison has been here for a few stints and is doing well with his training. Rene Belanger and his brother Ron were in about a week ago.  Rene was staying at Ramsey lake, with his brother and Bernie did manage to fly up and land on the lake to chat with them for a bit.  Yesterday, Shelley and Bernie flew out to Grand Lake in the morning and met up with the family out there for a Turkey Fry and some games of washers.  It was a beautiful day and the flight home was as smooth as silk.  Arrived home just a bit before the sun was setting.. A perfect day!   Bernie was out tonight with a neighbor looking for bears.  They didn't see any but lots of evidence in the middle of corn fields where the corn is all eaten!  Anyway.. I'm sure there's been lots more happening.. lots of flying for sure .. the weather has been awesome this month!  If Bernie wasn't on the phone talking about planes, I'd get him to fill in the gaps!! More Later!! 

09/04/09  Maryanne Hardman completed her solo time at Stanley.  She's now a licensed Ultralight Pilot.  She will be basing her plane out of Stanley.  Congratulations Maryanne! 


08/29/09  Usually we have our fly-in this weekend, but decided earlier to have it on October 3rd instead, with a rain date of Oct. 4th. We'll be having a BBQ and Corn Boil.  If you want to bring finger foods that would be ok with us.  The fly-in often ends with a Hangar Party for those of you who stick around or camp overnight.  We have lots of space for tents!  Should be less hectic in Oct. and often better weather.. hopefully.  Glad it wasn't this weekend as T.S. Danny is blowing in earlier than expected.  If you can fly or drive in, we'd love to see you. 

Larry was here in hopes of flying his Challenger II that is ready now to take to the skies.  Again, the weather isn't co-operating.  James Barkley and his wife drove over from N.B last night on thier motorcycle in hopes that James could fly this a.m. They did get up for a brief flight before the weather shut them down.  It was raining here by 8 this a.m.  Maryanne Hardman, from Halifax, is completing her training with Bernie at Stanley.  She owns an Aventura Amphib plane and was wanting to fly today.  It was all planned but by the time Bernie was suppposed to leave E.C.U., Mother Nature was knocking on our door with more of that lovely precipitation.  Not a good summer for depending on the weather, unless you want rain.

08/20/09  The return flight from C.B was another beautiful day, and Trevor and Bernie made a few pit stops at Port Hawkesbury, Trenton, Stanley and then home.  At Trenton, Bernie was talking to a pilot who worked for Sobey's flying thier light business jet.  He jokingly invited Bernie and Trevor to go to Hfx. with him.. it would take 12 min. but they would have to find their way back!  A tempting offer but graciously declined.  Dave, the pilot, said he'd flown in a Challenger II and had the most fun in it of any plane he'd flown yet!  That's always nice to hear. Bernie got home Just in time to help take wings off planes and store them in the barns at ECU.  That was a Thursday and Friday job for sure.  There's even one in Shelley's horse barn.  Seems Bill is just peeing on us rather than too much wind.  There are still four or five planes out on the field tied down real well!  See the video on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U99ENpOmVGI  and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYu18Q-valc or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0hpe8t5aLw 

08/17/09  Trevor Sabine flew his Challenger II on floats to ECU from Weymouth to meet up with Bernie and then they took off, each in their Challengers, for Cape Breton.  Trevor wasn't able to get to ECU til noon as he was fogged in but it was still a beautiful flying day!  They made one stop in Trenton to refuel before crusing on to Little Narrows in C.B to find Les MacLean's strip.  Les is a previous student of ECU.  He has his own Challenger II on floats based at his hangar and strip, "Jubilee Hayfield".  On Tuesday evening, as a tribute to the Silver Dart, Les, Trevor and Bernie, flew thier planes to Baddeck.  Bernie landed on the Bradore Lakes in the same place as the Sliver Dart did her maiden flight off the ice way back in 1909.   It was a nostalgic moment for sure.  A group of Challengers on floats was also flying in from Ontario/Quebec to Les's field.  Claude Roy, Patrick Veinot, Randy Cox, Andre Girard and Mike Prescott along with his wife, Fiona (who was driving ground crew for thier adventure) joined the Challenger Crew on Wednesday.  By the time all the planes were parked and put away for the night there were some hungry pilots who enjoyed a tasty BBQ and lots of plane talk.  Many thanks to Les and all those who pitched in to make it a great stay!  Too many names to mention.. but THANKS to all of you .. we had a great time~~!!   Check out the pics on the pic page~!  Neat to see so many birds on floats of the same species in one place!  Hats off to the guys who flew all the way from Ontario/Quebec for the occasion!  It was great to meet more Challenger enthusiasts and put faces to the names that Bernie has been reading about and corresponding with. 

08/15/09  Greenwood Fly-in, Bernie took his Challenger II up for the day.  Really hot! Especially on the tarmack! Lots of people there and Bernie seemed to always have a big crowd around and got to promote the benefits of flying Ultralights.  

08/14/09  Float Flying to Grand Lake where our family has a cottage.  Bernie has landed out there without Shelley..but this day, it worked out that she could go too!  Shelley's sister, Lee was there with her two dogs and the water was so nice!  It was a beautiful day, only regrets are that we couldn't stay longer.  It felt like another world!  Really nice to get out there for the day.  Check out the pics on our pic page!

08/08/09  Hay is finally half in!! The rest comes in tomorrow afternoon!  Doesn't have a lot to do with flying, but two of our students helped out!  Greatly appreciate thier time.  Larry Wamback was here working on his Challenger, final assembly stuff and Trevor Myra came to try out his muscles and get his picture taken with Shelley.  Check out the pics of Larry in "Farmer Cover-alls" and Trevor and Shelley and better yet.. Trevor and Bernie! LOL  Thanks TONS! Trevor and Larry!

08/06/09  Mark Capone brought his Challenger II to E.C.U. this a.m.  Bernie is going to do some work on it.  It should be up and flying later this summer. 

08/03/09  Randy Sweet, who has based his Challeger II at ECU for the last few years, completed putting the fabric on his wings, with Bernie's help.  He's not going to paint them til they get to their new destination.  Randy has been posted to North Bay, Ontario with his family.  He left today with his fuselage and wings in tow.  He'll find a new field to fly out of for sure!  We'll miss Randy popping in to fly and and his stories for sure!  Safe trip Randy!  Let us know how you make out!

08/01/09  Larry Wamback has assembled his Challenger II at ECU.  He trucked her down and spent the weekend in the sun getting things in order.  The wings went on and the last of the finihing touches and additions have pretty much been done.  Looks really good Larry!  He'll be up and flying soon.

07/31/09  Chris Erggelet was here to do a bit of refresher time on his Challenger II on Floats that Bernie built last year.  Chris was soon on his way, with his plane to a lake just this side of Yarmouth where he will be vacationing with his wife, Carmen.  He'll be enjoying this nice flying weather for sure.  Thankfully summer has finally hit! 

07/29/09  Bernie flew William Visser's Challenger II over to PEI for him.  Hard to believe that the weather actually cooperated and gave one of the best flying days we've had all summer!  The flight over took about 2 hours and William was eagerly waiting for the plane to touch down on the runway he'd made through his potatoe field.  Bernie was impressed with the runway and hangar that William has built, as well as the whole farm operation.  Alan Slauenwhite, who bases his Cessna 150 at the ECU field flew over with Bernie in his plane so he could bring Bernie back and save a whole lot of driving in a car.  They arrived back at the ECU Field around 3 after a good flight.  William was pretty happy to have his plane home in his hangar!

07/19/09  Larry Wamback arrived with his Challenger II.  It's has a cream colored body and red wings and accents.  Looks very nice.  Just needs final assembly and an inspection and then will be ready to take to the sky.  Larry is looking forward to seeing his project complete.

07/18/09 Tim Stanislow's plane was trucked down from Halifax and needs electrical work, windshield, fina assembly and inspection.  Bernie will complete the plane and have it ready soon, and Tim will be a new student at ECU.

07/17/09 Randy Sweet brought the wings back to his Challenger II at the ECU field.  They just need to be re-covered and they will be ready to put on the plane and fly.

Bernie has just been appointed by National Challenger, as a Statement of Conformity (SOC) Inspector for the Challenger Aircraft.  He'll now be able to inspect newly completed Challenger's in the Maritime region.  This adds another convenience to the total package and scope of E.C.U.   Building/Inspecting/Training and Maintenance can now be done here for the convenience of pilots in our area.   

Two students have now become new pilots!  Congrats to William Visser (PEI) and Robin Clark (Halifax) who have completed their solo work and passed their final T.C. Exam! 

Trevor Myra's plane (New Germany) arrived at E.C.U last weekend and he is eager to get started with his flight training.  Wondering if the weather is ever going to cooperate?? (as are the rest of us!)

Dennis Richard (Digby) is into his dual time, hour number 6 and working on circuits and landings.

MaryAnne Hardman (Halifax) is nearly ready to solo in her Aventura Amphib plane. 

James Barkley (BaieVert, N.B.) has his Zenair 601 parked on the E.C.U. field and has acquired 3 hours t.t. so far. 

Carl Cole and Jordan Wagner have finished their ground school at E.C.U and is ready to start flight training soon.

A new project pulled into the yard in May.  It'a a Christavia with all her barebones showing.  Harvey Richards and Bernie will work on getting this girl airworthy in the near future. 

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General Aviation Conversions to Ultralights

Mark Capone (Springhill, N.S.) has recently completed his conversion time in his Challenger II.  He and his father transported the aircraft to E.C.U. a few weeks ago, when the weather was cooperating and did his check-out on type with Bernie.  The next day he flew his plane home to Springhill.

Larry Wamback is furiously working on his new Challenger II kit.  It looks great!  It will be ready to spread its wing and fly soon.  Larry, too has a General Aviation License and will be doing his conversion time with Bernie.

July 29th Bernie flew William Vissers Challenger II over to his home in PEI.  Amazingly enough the weather cooperated and it was a beautiful flight over.  Alan Slauenwhite, who bases his Cessna 150 at ECU flew over to pick Bernie up and shorten the journey by a few hours.  Much faster to fly than drive.  William was very happy to have his plane land on his strip and put snugly away in his new hangar. 

July 30th  Karl Cleveland has been doing some check out time with Bernie is a Skyboy that he bought from Ontario.  He got his license with Bernie a few years ago, but took a break from flying and is now back in the aviation world.  Karl did his first solo flight with his own plane.

August 4th Randy Sweet has kept his Challenger II at ECU for two years now.  He was here working for a few days recovering his wings with Bernie's help.  Now he's packed up the plane on a trailer that he'd modified to safely take his fuselage and wings on a road trip to North Bay, Ontario, where he's been posted.  His family lives not far from there, so he'll find a new base for his plane and continue flying in Ontario.